Why I’m happy in being a sensitive person

After looking at my life and my own personality, I have come to the conclusion that I must be quite a sensitive person. I mean, you could joke about something with me, and I’d most likely think you were telling the truth. Yeah I know, I’m sorry.

I recently read a very eye opening post on why being sensitive may be a good thing. I always wished I wasn’t such a sensitive person, and that it was such an utterly bad trait to have. Sigh, how I wished I was more thick skinned. But I have recently come to the realisation that there can be some good that comes out of being sensitive. Yes, I totally just basically said that I’m happy in being a sensitive person.

I read that sensitive people tend to understand people more. This is because when they get hurt, they know how much it can hurt. They don’t like seeing others in that kind of position because they understand. I feel like this explains me to a T. I tend to put myself in the position of the person who’s hurting and will do anything to make them happy again. Whether that’s dropping everything at 11 at night, or travelling 2 hours to help a friend in need. I thrive off being there for others because I know how it feels to be so alone.

I mean, you can bet that I’d whisk you away on a day trip to the zoo, or to the beach just to make sure you’re okay again. I’m cute like that you see, wink wink.

The same post I read also highlighted the point that highly sensitive people love to go on adventures and are more in tune with nature and the world around them. Considering I always have the need to explore new places, go on adventures, and totally obsess over the sky; this has opened my eyes to the most down to earth facors that can come out of being sensitive. If you want to make me happy, literally take me on an adventure… even if it’s in your back garden to look at the sky. I’d probably love you forever for that, there and then.

Sensitive people are more likely to also have racing minds, with 5,000 thoughts roaming around their head at once. Considering I created this blog to help put all these erratic thoughts into words, I think it’s safe to say that getting deep and opening my eyes to the real world around me may be a good thing.

And finally I’m such an unbelievably ‘needy’ person and I totally hate that. I get very insecure sometimes, okay. Just reassure me that you don’t hate me and you actually mean what you say, and I’ll be all good. I cannot be lied to. That’s the thing about sensitive people, the truth hurts them more than the average person; but they’ll take it better than constant lies.

For some, being sensitive may be a bad trait to have, but for me it’s a blessing in disguise. By being sensitive and having a deeper understanding of things, I am able to continuously remind people how much they mean to me because I understand how it feels. I always give people the benefit of the doubt, because I put myself in their shoes. Maybe that’s what makes me open to getting hurt again, however.

I may be a sensitive person, and it may get on your last nerve. But I’d rather be sensitive and have my eyes so open to the world and people around me than the alternative. I’m happy living my ‘lil sensitive life.

Do you class yourself as quite a sensitive person? Or if not, do you know anyone who is quite sensitive? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below!

Love and happiness always,

xo, Becca


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Love and happiness always,

xo, Becca

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