My body, my choice

So today I was casually looking to see if my outfit was okay in a mirror, and it got me thinking. Of course, I think in the most random of situations and circumstances, but bare with me on this one.

I know this is talked about a lot, and so we should do. Our bodies are our own and no one else’s. That means we can’t let people tell us what we “can” and “can’t” do with it (within legal boundaries of course). But even I still find myself doing things in order to please others.

What I do with my body is none of your business. Period. Let people breathe, and let people live. No one should be able to control what someone else does with their body, and no one should be able to judge.

Because the thing is, whatever I wear, however I decide to express my body and my body image, is due to my own confidence. Yes, confidence people. Low cut dresses. Jeans without a long top above it. They’re all things I have slowly learnt to overcome and I finally feel liberated, confident and happy in my body. Okay? Okay.

I’m growing up, and I’m sensible in expressing who I am with my body. I feel like body image is something everyone struggles with, and the power to overcome that is incredible.

I don’t know. Another rambled sort of post, full of complete expression of words, and passion for letting women, men, transgender people, anyone, feel confident enough to belong to their own body.

Love and happiness always,

xo, Becca


19 thoughts on “My body, my choice

  1. THIS!

    I am 100% with you. If I wear something then it’s because I WANT to and not because I’m trying to ‘impress’ another person or show off. (Maybe show off a little bit.) I wear what I like because I’m feeling confident and happy in that outfit. People judge you if you’re wearing sweatpants. People judge you if you’re wearing a short skirt. It’s like you just can’t win, and it is unfair.

    I’m so glad that you think like this! So many people (including myself – or my past self) used to be so down on themselves. Keep talking about this topic and you’ll help more people 🙂


  2. I love this post and it’s such an important and true message! You and your content are so inspiring I can’t wait to read all your posts this year x


  3. Love this! I was really self conscious today in a shop, I was buying cat food and was wearing a skater dress that had cat prints on it! (It actually is a nice dress). Some guy looked at me funny, as if I was a crazy cat lady. I could feel myself getting anxious about it but then thought why, so what? I like cats lol xx


  4. AGREED! So glad I came across this. The weird thing about this is that the comment above is from a woman who mentions being thought of as a crazy cat lady. And my cat’s name truly is Rebecca Jayne. (long story where she got the middle name.) My boyfriend calls her Becca. Guess i was meant to find your blog! And we really should all be left alone to do what we want with our bodies, indeed.


  5. Post’s like this are we all need today. I feel so strongly about the importance of educating the young about society and how they are viewed and that IT’S OKAY to not conform to expectations. We watch the world go by and expect to look like these amazing models on magazines who, in fact, are photoshopped anyway.

    Everyone is beautiful and that’s the message that you’ve spread and I also want to spread. It’s a topic that’s close to my heart and I have experience with – I’d love to talk about this with you, maybe we can help the world little by little and start to see a movement forward of confidence and support ❤

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