Kylie Jenner lip kit DUPE?

So I’m back ‘beauty’ blogging again about something I have been super excited about for a while. Unless you have been away from social media for the past few months, you may know that Make-Up Revolution recently launched their highly anticipated ‘Retro Luxe’ lip kits, so I obviously had to give one a try.

It goes without saying, that the Kylie Jenner lip kit hype has really taken the world of social media by storm over the past year- so it seems pretty fitting that Make-Up Revolution would release a few of their own lip kits.

The MUR lip kits come in a variety of shades including, ‘Noble,’ ‘Regal,’ ‘Glory’ and more. I managed to get my hands on Noble which is an orange kind of nude colour. I mainly have pink toned nudes, so when I saw this had a hint of orange in it, I was so excited to give it a try.

I compared the texture to my Kylie Jenner lip kit (which I have in the shade ‘True Brown K’ and found that the quality (obviously) wasn’t as good. It took quite a while to dry on my lops compared to my Kylie one (which could be a positive to some people), and was also quite sticky.

However, with this lip kit retailing at only £6, I was’t surprised that the texture of the liquid lipstick was quite sticky (I could feel it when I was talking), and that the lip liner did’t glide on as well as my Kylie one does. I made sure to apply a layer of lip balm underneath the application, and found that it wasn’t too drying on my lips which is definitely a positive for a matte liquid lipstick.

Nevertheless, for the price and for a Drugstore brand, this lip kit is pretty good quality. It des eventually dry matte which is perfect if you’re wanting to wear your lipstick for a lengthy amount of time (such as a night out), and is an affordable alternative to the Kylie Jenner hype.

The only thing that puts me off buying another one of these lip kits is that none of the other colours really appeal to me, but that is simply down to personal preference. I am so excited to wear this colour on an upcoming night out, and find that it is an essential, and positive, new edition to my already diverse lipstick collection. I love that the colour I chose is unique to any other colour I have seen before, so big up to Make-Up Revolution for that one.

Battle of the lip kits? My Kylie Jenner one is definitely better for all around quality. However, for the price, the Make-Up Revolution ones are an affordable dupe if you’re not wanting to break the bank on postage and custom fees for a Kylie one. I would definitely recommend these lip kits for the price, and I look forward to MUR’s new metallic lip kit range which is rumoured to be dropping soon.

You can also check out a video of me testing both lip kits on my YouTube channel below. Make sure to subscribe and give it a thumbs up!

Have you tried any of the new Make-Up Revolution lip kits, and if so, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment box below!

Love and happiness always,

xo, Becca

MAKE-UP REVOLUTION LUXE LIP KITS:… If sold out, you can also purchase them here:…








14 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner lip kit DUPE?

  1. I love your YouTube video linking to this post. You’re so confident! I will definitely watch more of your content in the future.
    Lois x


  2. Love this review. I will definitely give one a try and see what it is like. I have all of Kylie’s lip kits and i feel like nothing is ever going to compare


  3. I’ve been really intrigued by the Retro Luxe Lip Kits, but my local Superdrug doesn’t have any testers. I’m always nervous about buying makeup solely on other people’s swatches. Plus my local store only have a couple of shades available at the moment. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


  4. I love both shades really! I mean the color tones are a little different so it’d be unfair to say that Kylie’s is bolder and more pigmented because the Revolution one is actually really pretty too. I almost like the revolution color tone better, its a tad bit more subtle which is more my style, but really I can’t believe how similar they are- great to know for future references! Great review girl!

    xo, JJ

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  5. Gorgeous colours, I have been watching to try one of the Make Up Revolution Lip Kits, I love my Kylie ones – but I’m not a fan of the price of them. I think It might be worth me trying out one of Make Up Revolutions.

    HAYLEY || Echo Luna Luxe


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