Being happy and single

I’ve been wanting to write a post like this for so long. After the amazing feedback from my ‘why I’m happy and confident being single’ post, I decided to elaborate more on my own experiences of single life and why I’m happy just as I am.

Being single can be a tricky thing. I have friends who physically hate being single, and that’s totally fine. We all handle break ups and relationships in general differently.

From my experience, I’m happy being single because it has given me room to grow. I recently touched on this post in my ‘A reflection on relationships’ post. I have never been one to ever ‘seek’ a relationship, because I simply don’t need one. I find my own independence in my own space on my own, and I find myself more comfortable that way sometimes.

Honestly, my relationship status right now is 100% dedicated to me, and me only. That’s not in a selfish way- but more of a self development way. I have just come out of college from studying A Levels, and I have this whole crazy world right in front of me that I am so eager to explore by myself.

At this point in my life, I couldn’t imagine a relationship so I sort of count my lucky stars that I am single all in all. I am 18 years old. I am still young. Sure, life passes quickly, but you also have to live your life for yourself sometimes. I truly respect those who are in a committed relationship at my age, because I am super busy now as it is- never mind with a relationship as well.

This is a post to demonstrate that being single is totally okay and healthy, just like being in a relationship can be. I acknowledge that a lot of people find it hard being single, but use this as a time to grow in yourself. I have begun to learn the hard way that your longest commitment is yourself only so you may as well cherish this life.

When I am meant to be in a relationship again, it will happen. My friends often try to set me up with some guy, or ask about someone I will be speaking to at the time; but none of it appeals to me right now. I always wondered what type of ‘relationship’ person I am. Whether me only getting into my first relationship at 17 was a reflection of me being a ‘late bloomer’ and ‘ugly’ or if it was more because I was picky. I have realised that I am picky, and that’s totally okay too.

Relationships are human nature, and of course we all get into them now and again. But in the ‘interval’ sections as I will name it, I have found that looking after yourself and exploring life is extremely rewarding. Plus, it means you can tick things off your bucket list.

Life life for yourself. Whether that’s being single, or in a relationship. I don’t know the main meaning of this post, but I think it may be something to do with me trying to get my head around if it’s normal to be this happy and calm being single. I have now discovered that it’s totally okay.

Love and happiness always,
xo, Becca








18 thoughts on “Being happy and single

  1. I like you am loving being happily single and discovering myself again. I feel that it is healthy for one to take a break from dating once in a while to do all the things that you otherwise would be restricted from doing while in a relationship. I thought I weird loving being happy and alone but its great to see that I am not alone on this path 🙂

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  2. Lovely post, it’s so refreshing to see someone who is young that’s perfectly fine with being single- there’s no need to rush! confidence in yourself is the most important thing

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  3. Hey Becca thank you for writing this post, I feel the same way and I always feel weird saying that I don’t mind being single and it’s the choice making right now. I have friends who aren’t convinced that I’m happy being single. I actually just did a similar post!


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