Is Feminism for everyone?

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Now, I could finish this blog post even within one sentence by simply saying yes; but for anyone who needs convincing as to why Feminism benefits everyone, here’s why.

Feminism is a movement in which I support wholeheartedly, and always will. After all, it’s a movement which strives for gender equality which is why I’ll never understand why Feminism has so many negative connotations. No, we don’t hate men one bit and we’re not all lesbians (but why should that matter if we are or not?) ANYWAY.

Feminism is a worldwide movement which benefits men and women across the world. From western society, to the middle east. It upsets me how many people still think Feminism is about women hating men or wanting to be above men, which certainly isn’t the case. I openly identify myself as a Feminist because I believe in equality for ALL and because I love men and women, and I wish people could share that love equally as well.

I’m going to put my hands up and admit that I used to think Feminism was about women hating men; before I was educated on the topic, of course. But at the end of the day, Feminism fights against sexism, misogyny, patriarchal oppression and discrimination. It’s scary that we still live in a world where people are still prejudiced against others because of their gender as well as race / religion etc only to name a few.

Feminism supports men and women regardless of their race, ethnicity and religion. Which means Feminism can benefit you reading this blog post right now, no matter who you may be.

Now some of you reading this may oppose Feminism for the very reason that it’s called Feminism. The reason it’s called Feminism however, is because it’s still women who are the most oppressed worldwide. Of course it’s improved, but we still need Feminism to help stop that patriarchy for good. Yes, Feminism is a movement which benefits all- but why are we opposing an equality movement based on it’s name rather than what it’s actually about??? It still baffles me.

Feminism breaks traditional values which influence gender inequality- something in which both men and women are victims of. You know the idea that women should fulfill the ‘homemaker’ role, or that men should be ‘masculine’ enough- hey guys, you’re not expected to live up to traditional gender stereotypes- keep doing you. That is just one of the reasons why Feminism benefits everyone.

I hope I have made the point clear that Feminism doesn’t just concentrate on female oppression, but male oppression too. Believe it or not, Feminists do like men with some of my bestest friends even being male- I know right?

To finish this post, I am going to distinguish between a Feminist and a misandtirst using this Tumblr post which I recently saw online:

 Bottom line, Feminism can help benefit you reading this right now- and can benefit everyone. Stop making a gender equality movement out to be ‘toxic’ or ‘awful’.’ Feminism has helped empower me as a woman, and show me that there is nothing wrong with being a strong, independent woman who doesn’t want to conform with gender stereotypes as well as benefit many others worldwide.

Love and happiness always,

xo, Becca


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59 thoughts on “Is Feminism for everyone?

  1. I definitely agree with this bug there are feminists or so called ones that give it a bad name. Like literally sometimes I’m worried about referring to myself as a femenist because of what people think about feminists in general. But this is a great post and really gives some clarity!

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  2. I totally love this! A lot of people think feminism is something that it isn’t, that it’s just for women to be better than men and it’s those types of ignorant thoughts that give it a bad name, or those who use the moment all wrong!!! Feminism is for everyone one because it’s about GENDER equality and I love that. Totally love your post 100% right now!

    Jordanne ||

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  3. “Feminism doesn’t just concentrate on female oppression, but male oppression too.”

    I totally loved this post. I think it is important for women to understand what being a feminist means, and to know that equality serves both genders. So THANK YOU for explaining the distinction between a feminist and a misandrist. Some people completely skew the concept of feminism to their own benefit! It’s not about superiority, it’s about equality!

    Keep writing! This stuff is great.

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  4. I’ve just finished reading Roxane Gay’s book “Bad Feminist” which I think you’d really enjoy if you haven’t already read it! Feminism is 100% all about EQUALITY and you’ve expressed that so well here! 🙌🏼 I feel really empowered by being a feminist too!

    Abbey ✨

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  5. I definitely agree. I think over the last few years, feminism has gotten a really bad name and a bad reputation as being full of man haters when really, it’s just about getting the same rights and treatment as any man gets.

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    • It’s sad that people think this, isn’t it? I’ve been labelled as a “psycho” for being a Feminist when all I’ve done is state I want gender equality and stated it in the nicest way I could. It’s a shame how many negative connotations surround such a positive movement X

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  6. I love this post! It’s so educational and really on point. It’s a shame that even though women got to the right to vote all those years ago, the gender pay gap in work is still evident. For instance because I am a woman I get paid less than a guy my age, my level of experience, same qualifications in accounting. He get’s paid more, and is more often favoured for promotion because he is “not going to be leaving the company to have children”. I know that not all companies are like this, but so many are.
    I really hope that women are seen equally in all areas of life really soon. I am all for equality.
    thanks for writing this xx

    Belle @

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  7. Interesting post. I like how you draw a line in the sand between one type of feminism and the other more extreme form. There’s definitely a lot of misconception about the movement and a lot of people seemed to be defined by the cause rather than it simply being a part of them. That’s when things can get out of hand. // ▲ ▲

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  8. I love this. Unfortunately, there are people claiming to be feminists that do exactly as you described, making it seem like a negative movement. Great post and explanation of the difference though – shouldn’t be needed, but it’s good that it’s been written!

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  9. Have you seen the Ascent of Woman BbC documentary? Literally a game changer for feminists and non feminists alike. It covers the entire history of women, and thecourage and spirit of women who overcame oppression across the world in order to make a difference. Really encourage you to watch! Otherwise, I have a summary of the first episode on my blog 😘

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  10. Amazing post. Its so sad that people go against feminism simply because it has become a trend that feminists “HATE” men. Some people lose sight of the fact that the concept of feminism is equality for everyone. And worst of all, that people are ashamed to be branded as “Feminists” because they feel it equates to misandrists.

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  11. Loved this post and couldnt agree more! I feel like hating on feminism or equality seems like the cool thing to some people this maybe their lack of care or understanding but it’s an issue everyone should be apart of as we’re all humans on this earth! xx

    – Amalina

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  12. Love love love your post! I have written a lot about feminism as well, as well as some of the things us women are expected to do, like shaving, makeup, fat shaming, and the “stretch marks” situation. I would love if you checked it out!!


  13. This is the distinction that many fail to understand. I absolutely love this article and may I point out that feminism is a consequence of society.
    By undermining women they tend to defend themselves by seeking solace in feminism. Hence some take it to extremes cause it’s a primal need to defend themselves.


  14. More posts should be launched to clear out the misunderstandings about feminism. Nobody should deter women from being feminist. No credibility gaps should be created. No wonder… feminism is run by discriminated women.


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